Acceptable use policy - What is allowed and what isn't

Last updated: 28th August 2022


HostMato, a web hosting company, provides hosting to all clients worldwide. In such scenarios, it is our responsibility to protect every client and ensure they have the best experience. Hence, this is the reason for having an AUP.

All services provided by HostMato should be used for lawful purposes only. Using our service to host any content, or transmit any media that violates US laws, is strictly prohibited. The provisions defined in AUP are intended as guidelines and should not be considered an exhaustive list. To generalize, any content or conduct that violates law, regulations, or standard norms, whether mentioned explicitly in the AUP or not, is prohibited. We reserve the right to restrict activities that damage our reputation. In case we find you are not adhering to the AUP, we reserve the right to terminate your service.

Use For Spamming

All users must comply with rules and regulations while sending bulk emails/ marketing emails, including but not limited to the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

Users may only email other users who have explicitly opted for double opt-in. Users must keep accurate records for opt-ins and consents and be able to produce the same in case requested by HostMato. This consent is required, especially if you are sending mass emails. If you do not have proper records, we will consider that you do not have consent to send emails. We prohibit emailing users who have not explicitly signed up and opted to receive marketing emails from you.

Prohibited Uses

Using our services for the following uses is entirely prohibited unless specified explicitly. If found participating in any of these activities, it will lead to immediate termination without any notice.

Email or SMS bombers
Resource-intensive activities (CPU, I/O, memory, etc.)
Port scanning
Distributing credentials/ personal information
DDoS attacks
TOR nodes
Open DNS resolvers
Cryptocurrency mining
Hitleap or any traffic exchange bots
iBusinessPromoter or similar software
Social media crawlers
Telnet or SSH access scripts
Destructive activities (for instance, phishing, malware, and/or distributing malicious content, etc.)
Illegal activities (for instance, Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, phishing, scam websites, pirating software, etc.)
Video streaming
Any file hosting/ file storage, leeching, cyberlocker, or similar activity is strictly prohibited.

Fair usage policy

Unlimited and unmetered claims have software limitations and are subject to fair use. Our hosting plans are intended to be used for content related to hosting websites/ e-commerce sites or similar. Using it for storing personal files, cloud storage services, sharing media, and content lockers is strictly prohibited. If you are using more resources than what is realistic or abusing them, we will let you know via ticket to reduce your usage. If any user’s usage patterns impose risk to other users’ access, we will suspend the user’s service until we find a mutual resolution.

That being said, if you have a WordPress site/ e-commerce shop and end up using 100 GB of space, it is completely fine. However, this wouldn’t be allowed if you sign up intending to host a file distribution service and end up using 100 GB of space. We generally only interfere if it is causing issues on the entire node.

Privacy Policy

You should adhere to Privacy Policy – and at TNC